Here's How We're Getting "Moms" Back

For better or worse, most moms have a reputation for being excellent multitaskers. Even when your "average" mom sees a problem, she takes action and creates change. This is exactly why Moms Demand Action exists. Now an initiative with powerful national reach, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America was founded (by one mom) in 2012 in the wake of the gut-wrenching Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Under the Everytown umbrella, Moms works to “end the epidemic of gun violence that affects every community” by demanding that state and federal legislators, companies, and educational institutions adopt gun sense reforms. This is how Moms “just do it.”

As a team comprised of moms, supporting the work of Moms Demand Action is a no-brainer for us. Their work is urgent. And as we hustle our own children off into the world each day, that urgency feels especially personal for us. So in the waning hours of the 2016 election season, we joined forces with Laura Fronckiewicz, Mom’s Organizing Manager for Colorado, Hawaii, and Alaska to lift a little bit of her staggering workload off of her back. Presented with a challenge to help mobilize 1,000 Colorado educators to publicly demonstrate their solidarity with Moms Demand Action by the year’s end, we took a triage approach to developing a plan for quick turn around. We met with Laura in an affectionate but brisk kick-off meeting to brainstorm how to best connect with, and persuade, educators to sign-on to a letter supporting gun sense policies. This is easier imagined than done. Teachers are busy, yes. But, as public servants, they also face real and perceived barriers to taking a political stance, especially on issues as inflammatory as gun sense.

A key feature of the plan we developed with Laura is that it is highly flexible. Flexibility is a Cultivation Center value and a requirement for our work with Moms. The urgent nature of their work asks us to be responsive to the insights we gain as we engage educators, and so that we can re-adjust our timeline during the most distracting and dismaying election in the history of our country. The election affects Laura’s work, thus it affects ours. Our capability to flex while adapting strategy and timeline is an asset to this project and to our relationship with many of our clients who bring a sense of urgency to their social impact work.

Protecting our children, protecting all children, hinges, in part, on the critical work of Moms Demand Action. We’re moms so, not matter what comes our way, we’ll help to get the job done.