We're Surrounded By Inspiration

In early 2016, we updated our office by adding flourishes of inspiration that sustained us through the winter months. It’s clear from the photos we chose to for our new wall hangings that our team is unilaterally moved by nature. We are also inspired by community, simplicity, possibility, and love. As Cultivation Center enters its fourth year of operation, we bring all of these qualities to our work with clients. We are truly surrounded by inspiration.

Here is a glimpse of a few photos that currently hang on our office walls and of why they motivate us to show up for work (and life) week after week.

Blair, Communications + Connections Director: My favorite quote by bell hooks goes something like this: “Without justice there can be no love. Without love, no justice.” A Feminist advocate, Buddhist scholar, and author, hooks reminds me that social justice work can be transformative when it comes from a place of inquiry and love. She inspires me to consider my place in the world from all angles, and to be empathetic, even when being empathetic feels like a really hard thing to do.  

Amy, Founder + Principal: These onions remind me that community grows with love and care. They’re from Pachamama Farm & Wellness, one of Cultivation Center’s first clients. Oliver & Allie, Pachamama co-owners, gracefully pushed themselves to think and dream in ways that were sometimes uncomfortable during our strategic planning sessions. It’s fun to continue to be a part of their journey and to root them on as they grow.

Erica, External CFO: This picture brings me back to the time I lived with views of Baker Beach in San Francisco and the absolute joy of being able to see that type of natural beauty on a regular basis.  In a busy city, it was a blessing to take a moment to watch the sun go down and remember that tomorrow is another day for endless possibility and adventure.


We want to know. What (or who) inspires you?