Cultivation Center: Why B Corp?

If you are a friend of Cultivation Center then the one thing you definitely know about us is that we are founded to create connections among community minded businesses and nonprofit organizations. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise to you that as soon as we could certify as a B Corp, we did. Why a B Corp? Our social purpose to support businesses doing good and build community between our sectors is paramount to Cultivation Center and I wanted this commitment to be reflected in our business structure. After all, an organization that endeavors to build community needs a strong community behind it to do such work.

Securing B Corp Certification means different things to different businesses but for all who adopt the B Corp badge it invariably means joining a like-minded community. Among the 1,338 businesses in 41 countries that are currently B Corps, having a social purpose behind our work unites us. It feels good to be counted among peers, that operate in 121 different industries – from consulting to software development to food and beverage to the outdoor industry – who share our value to do good for the world. And if you question whether we really mean it or not, take a peek at the bi-annual assessment monitored by B Lab the nonprofit entity that governs the B Corp community. Cultivation Center is in the midst of “re-upping”our B-Impact Assessment, a tool that measures just how hard we are working to walk our talk. Believe me, we are working hard to measure up to B standards. As Cultivation Center grows, our B Corp status keeps us in check:

  • How do we give back to our community?
  • Where are our everyday office products sourced?
  • Who serves on our advisory board?

It is both important and challenging to answer these questions as we end our 3rd year of business. It is even more exciting to put our self-assessment into practice. We are not satisfied with simply volunteering a few hours here and there but want to be taken to task with our objective to do good for the world.

On the “eve” of our second B-Assessment, we ask: Who is your keeper? Do you have a community that holds you and your business accountable to your values? To meeting not only your revenue bottom line but also to your social purpose?

We believe in this movement. We believe in it for large companies – Patagonia, Kleen Kanteen, Method Products – and for hundreds small companies too.  For small businesses in Colorado, we know that it’s hard to prioritize certification as a B Corp over business development or current demand and yet, we think it’s critical for your business. If you find your interest piqued and think you may be B Corp ready, stand up with us to say, “We do business differently!”