Going B (+ Going Nuts) with Olomomo

OLOMOMO nuts may have become a B Corp only one year ago but founder Justin Perkins is a B Corp veteran. A “serial” entrepreneur, Justin founded another company, the online community for social justice petition generation, Care2, which has been a B Corp since 2008. So it’s logical that, sooner or later, OLOMOMO would adopt B Corp status too. Justin and OLOMOMO CEO Mark Owens are like many in the B Corp community- seemingly regular people (we’re connected to them by casual farm picnics and pre-school cronies, for example) who are regularly doing good for the world. Their social mission states that, “OLOMOMO is committed to developing a fair and healthy workplace, and a supply chain and operations that are healthy for the environment and all of the people involved at every part of the process.”As seasoned sustainability players, Justin and Mark shared persuasive insights with us about how Going B has made their customers go nuts for OLOMOMO.

CC: Put simply, why did Olomomo Nuts become a B Corp?

Mark: Justin and I have always believed in service to others and working to protect the environment.  Justin started OLOMOMO with the goal of building a company that would be able to benefit not only our customers but also our employees, the community, and the environment.  I joined the company because I shared the same values and goals for OLOMOMO.  

C.C.: How long has Olomomo Nuts been a B Corp? How will re-upping the BIA (B Impact Assessment) impact how you operate and grow?

Mark: We became certified in October 2014.  The B Corp designation has provided a framework as we plan and execute on our strategy to build a strong value-based company.  We have to consider all of our stakeholders as we make decisions which can increase the complexity of our strategy but also results in more innovative thinking which is a huge advantage.

C.C.: How does being a B Corp impact your delivery of a consumable product- nuts- to your customer?

Mark: We have to think in terms of the full product life-cycle, starting with how we make the product and the procedures we follow at our roasting facility, through shipping, and finally branding and messaging to consumers to raise awareness.  This includes working towards zero-waste in our production facility, carbon off-sets for shipping and employee travel, and brand strategy to help consumers understand the importance of the B Corp designation and how it impacts the environment and the communities they live in.

C.C.: From Olomomo’s standpoint, what is the best thing about being a B Corp?

Mark: The best part of being a B Corp is helping increase the understanding of why it is important to not only build strong businesses but to build value-based business.  We try to help consumers realize that they have the ability to hold companies accountable for their business practices and demand that companies not only seek to make a profit but also work to create a better world.  Be Nutty! Be Good!  Be Adventurous!

If you’re curious about the path to becoming a B Corp or stumped by the B Impact Assessment (BIA), you’ll want to attend one of our upcoming Going B 101 events. Sign-up now!