Dee's Ciao For Now Post


This is my eighth month with the Cultivation Center team, and with Cultivation Center being my first stop in the post-grad realm, there is a LOT that I have learned. Eight months is an ample amount of time to encompass what Cultivation Center is, and the transition from graduating as a Buff to the real world has been one of the greatest learning experiences.

When Amy welcomed me into Cultivation Center as the Digital Communication Associate, I knew I would learn a lot about the consulting world and components surrounding this practice. I have been exposed to CC’s passion of cultivating community-minded business, shown the value of collaborations and partnerships, sat through visionary plannings, listened in on board retreats, been to a B Corp conference (awesome!), and gained essential pieces of knowledge from the masterminds of Amy Rosenblum and Blair Young. These women are low key about how great they are, but I am wearing my PR Hat today and they are getting a virtual salute from me. Surrounded by women of outstanding merit is a blessing, I tell you. Little do they know, have empowered me to be the human that I am today. Beyond the pillars of a consulting business that is Cultivation Center, perhaps the most vital takeaway from these eight months is to be a champion. 

What? I got you. Like I mentioned above, Cultivation Center is passionate about cultivating community-minded businesses. How I see it, we empower organizations to do what they do and facilitate good ideas into a plan. We work with people who care about doing good work and make them champions of it, and in turn, impact the community. And with that, Amy and Blair have supported me to be my own champion. Separate from the work aspect, they care about what I do outside of work, and recently, I’ve disclosed to Amy my dream to backpack Europe and travel again. It was something I have been planning for a long time, but was apprehensive about, and the time was now. Not only did she encourage me to follow through with it, but the CC Team is excited for me! Having this kind of support was the catalyst to go after something I have wanted.  Amy and Blair are champions and fans of people, and not just work, which comes full circle in the shout out to wonderful humans they are.

I’m really proud and happy to be working at a place that supports that. Cultivation Center not only does good for the community, but this place has granted me the opportunity to embark on one of my dreams and so, here I go. As you read this, I’ll either be dabbling in Dublin culture, frolicking of foodie-nerd-syndrome in Borough Market, or bartering in the leather markets of Florence. I will be in 14 cities across Europe and fulfilling a dream of mine. To join in on my adventures, I’ll be on Instagram, andTwitter! See you back at The Hub in six weeks, and in the meantime, I challenge you to be your own champion and be a champion of someone in your life. It could make their dreams come true.

Ciao for now,