Doing "Good" Year-Round

Welcome to December.  We can check off Thanksgiving, are in the throngs on Hanukkah, and for those of us who celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice, we still have a few weeks to procrastinate gift buying before gift giving.   For many of us who work in a traditional  office setting, December is a throw-away month.  It’s more about raising our glasses and reflecting on the past year than moving products or services forward.  For retail it’s time to hunker down and meet year end goals before the silence of the new year.  For those of you in the restaurant business, it’s totally unpredictable as some nights are beyond capacity while on others even a skeleton staff feels like too many cooks in the kitchen.  For nonprofit businesses, this is a time when a year’s worth of hard work peaks;  when goals are met and progress celebrated. As consumers, we can help nonprofits meet their final year-end fundraising goals and celebrate their all too often unsung innovative work in our communities.

At Cultivation Center, we have a celebration of our own to announce as we look back at our accomplishments of the past year.  This fall, Cultivation Center was accepted as a BCorporation.  Being a BCorp means we join the ranks of 865 Corporations in 29 countries across 60 industries who examine social and environmental impact alongside profit in our bottomlines.  In part it means that we build community into all of our work and our values.  This month we are going to introduce you to some of our favorite BCorps who build community into their work as well as turn a profit.  We will ask what it means to be a BCorp and answer your questions on how you can align your desire to do good with your desire to make a good living, BCorp or not.

Along with big announcements,  I welcome December with my News Year Resolutions.  By reflecting and setting intentions on what I want to change, improve upon or keep the same in the coming year I can practice in December before I hit my stride in 2014.  This is odd, I know.  I just like to hedge my bets- the vast majority of New Years Resolutions are tossed to the wayside before the first month of the year is over.  By really reflecting and practicing change, I start to feel successful even before the new year begins.

Some of the personal and professional resolutions that I’m going to put into practice this month include the following list.  We will see which ones make it into the New Year.

Resolutions for Work:

  • Get on top of my receipts and expenses.  I will send receipts to my finance team every Monday of the week. (I didn’t promise that these would be inspirational.)

  • Read more.  I will read one book for professional development per month “for pleasure.” I will start with Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg.  Thanks, Mom!

  • Commit to biking or busing to work at least 3 days a week.

  • Network purposefully.  Make at least one new connection a week.  Make at least one new meaningful introduction for someone else – starting today.

Resolutions for Play:

  • Sign up for my first half marathon (done!).  Now I have to train to run it.  (I can’t believe that I’m putting this in print. Hello, Accountability!)

  • Volunteer at my daughter’s school 3x per month.  This gives me great insight to what her days are like and how the classroom operates.  Friday mornings are committed!

  • Girls trip!  Who wants to join me for a backpacking trip in the woods?  Laughter required.