Inside Business with Hope Tank Charitable Boutique Founder - Erica Righter


Being inspired and dissatisfied.  It’s what drives me too. At least that’s how I see Erika’s Righter’s impressive foray into retail with a philanthropic bend.  That’s what first drew me to Erika and Hope Tank Charitable Boutique, a burgeoning retail shop in downtown Denver.  “Every purchase in the shop will have impact in the world, and we want that impact to inspire people to action,” says Erika whose passion for children and background in social work made her dissatisfied with traditional systems for giving to charities. So she founded her own channel for creating change.

As Erika explains, “I was tired of traditional means of educating the public about charitable causes. I built a store that could introduce customers to interesting products, and at the same time, educate and inspire them to give. I choose work that I would either buy for myself or my friends and family. I encourage the artists to choose a charity that means something to them, for their charitable donation.”

In one year she has supported nearly 70 nonprofits while running a business and volunteering for side projects that align with her own passions.  Erika’s passion is contagious.  She has good taste as she curates her beautiful store from local artists as well as international businesses committed to philanthropy and she’s running a thriving small business.

At Cultivation Center, we are inspired by stories like Erika’s and want know more.  I am compiling a list of questions for Erika’s interview at our debut of Inside Biz on this Friday, January 17 @Impact Hub Boulder.  What questions do you have for Erika?  Add them to the comments section and we’ll add them to the interview.  Better yet, join us, and ask her yourself.  Hope to see you Friday!