October Impact Poll - The Results

In mid-October we sent out a poll to you, our business community and friends- as a way to learn more about the role that social impact plays in your small business or non-profit. We really appreciate that you took time to respond and share about the inside of your business with us.

Making a positive impact in our community is the foundation of Cultivation Center’s work. We support small to mid-sized businesses, social enterprises and non-profits to meet their bottom lines through accessible programs such as consulting, one-on-one coaching, peer learning circles and leadership book groups. In turn, the growth process of businesses we work with influences the growth trajectory of Cultivation Center. Hearing about how you define social impact for your business is helping us to better clarify our own impact. Thank you!

For example, it was enlightening for us to learn that over 80% of you who responded to the poll engage your customers and clients in defining your social impact. Awesome. You are very wise. It’s no secret that “impact is a market-enabler” as one of our poll respondents so concisely wrote. If you’re aiming to build brand affinity with Millennials and Generation Z then making a positive social impact with your product or service is essential. But many of you weave impact into the fabric of your work regardless of its market value. We resonated with those of you who made comments such as, “We do not believe there is any other way to do business.” And, “couldn’t imagine owning a business that wasn’t based on making a difference.” For many of you, doing social good is inherent to doing good business.

For those of us who are driven by a mission to make the world a better place it can be challenging to determine just exactly where and how we will create change. Figuring this out can be paralyzing. We were inspired to see the list of impact areas (many of you had more than one, like we said, it’s hard to pull in the reigns to focus on redressing just one social issue) to which you have dedicated your social bottomline. Tying as the top two areas (both at 56.3% of poll respondents) were Health & Human Services and Education. A close second (at 50%) was the environment and just behind a greener planet, Arts & Culture (43.8%).

Here’s the thing. No matter what your identified area of social impact- and no matter your reasons for pursuing it- Cultivation Center is here to help make your efforts even more effective. We exist to bring community-minded businesses together to learn from one another and to grow together so to make a positive mark on the world. This is inherent to all that we do and we are honored to work with businesses like yours.

We want to move beyond the numbers and hear more details about social impact businesses in our community. Do you have a great story about how your business has met it’s social bottomline? Share your story with us and we just might share your story back with the world. Thanks!