#PAYITFORWARD: Anspach's Jewelry, Family Owned for Over 50 Years

This blog is written by  our very own Blair Young at the close of the 3rd week ofour 30 day Pay-It-Forward Initiative. We’re featuring small businesses and non-profits nominated by our community throughout the month of December. Want to make a nomination? It’s not too late

Over the past 10 years of living in Lafayette, Colorado I have driven or walked Public Road, the main drag through town, on many occasions. And for some mysterious reason a jewelry shop called Anspach’s always caused me to rubberneck as I passed it by. Just as I eyed the shop from a distance, I also tend to admire jewelry but not wear it. I’ve had the same pair of earrings in for a year and it takes a truly special occasion for me to wear one of my few bracelets. So when I finally stopped gawking and walked into Anspach’s it was to ask if they could fix a cherished necklace- one that had become a fixture around my neck until my brutish 8 month-old son haphazardly ripped it off, breaking the clasp.

It would be withholding of me not to mention that I entered Anspach’s for the first time during a town wide event called “Home for the Holidays” so my bet is that the shop doesn’t always have brownies, candy canes and coffee donning the jewelry cases. My 3 ½ year old daughter and I shared a few treats while my baby son gazed at himself in mirrors set low enough for him to pull up and peer into. Almost immediately a dapper young-ish man named Onan with a surprisingly twirly moustache was at our side ready to asses my necklace. He ran me through a range of options and price points for fixing the necklace and, ultimately repaired the clasp free of charge. But the freebie is not why I like Anspach’s.

In addition to the shop’s elegant but homespun atmosphere and welcoming, knowledgeable staff, Anspach’s boasts along history of making its home in Lafayette. Founded in 1955 by a young family who moved to Lafayette from Montana, Anspach’s quickly became a center for watch and jewelry repair, but also a good cup of coffee, conversation and community leadership. Today Anspach’s is owned and operated by Graig Anspach, the son of the shop’s founders. Onan is the shop apprentice, mastering the trade of jewelry repair on the job. While I understand that craft apprenticeships are making a rebound, they are still rare and in my opinion, pretty cool.

I love that my beloved necklace was repaired by an apprentice at a well-established, multi-generation, family owned business in my small home town. Need I say more? I hope you’ll join me in bringing your business to Anspach’s.