#PAYITFORWARD: Experience the Transformation of Loss with Grief Support Network

This guest blog is written by Kari Nelson, of Grief Support Network,  for our our 30 day Pay-It-Forward Initiative. We’re featuring small businesses and non-profits nominated by our community throughout the month of December. Learn more about the initiative!

Often when we hear the word grief, it evokes a sense of withdrawal and pulling away from anticipated intensity. Whether it is our own grief or another’s difficult circumstances, we want to run from rather than be with grief. But does pulling away truly serve us? Is it possible that grief can provide us a doorway to transformation? Everyone, at some point in life, has or will experience grief in one of its many forms: Losing a loved one.  Going through a divorce or major life transition. Facing a terminal disease. Grief is a painful, often lonely part of the human experience. In a culture that shies away from connecting with others when faced with vulnerability and frailty, and that is often uncomfortable with pain and tears – severe loss and crushing grief can leave the human soul feeling isolated and alone in darkness.

What if we could heal the wounds of grief together in a community harnessing the power of human connection, rather than having to do it alone?  What if there were an empowering approach to healing: One that could lead to not only the healing of our hearts, but also to incredible transformation and the ability to experience more gratitude and authenticity in our lives?  This is the message of the Grief Support Network (GSN). GSN’s purpose is to transform how individuals and communities perceive, experience and deal with grief and to give people the tools and support to heal and move forward in life. By taking grieving out of isolation, we believe that our cultural norm can shiftfrom repression, denial, and often depression into deep healing and transformation.

We know there is great power that lies within a broken heart, and potential for radical change to occur. Come grow with us. To learn more about our community based, non-profit organization, please visit our web site Grief Support Network and  watch our video.