This guest blog is  written by Kate Andrus for our our 30 day Pay-It-Forward Initiative. We’re featuring small businesses and non-profits nominated by our community throughout the month of December.Learn more about the initiative!

During the holiday season, giving and spending seem to be caught in a never ending cycle as parents strive endlessly to ensure their child’s happiness. I find that the biggest gifts we receive from our parents are not the physical things, but life lessons- that we might not even recognize until much later in life.  I think one of the best gifts a parent can give their child is a good understanding of money including understanding the important interplay between earning, spending, saving, and giving back.

This is why I’m highlighting the company GenProsper.

GenProsper is a financial literacy program designed for children to help them develop positive financial habits that will enable them to to happy adult lives.  The founders, Steve and Ryan, started the company after realizing just how little financial knowledge gets taught in schools and how “real” it gets once you are on your own.  Even well informed and involved parents sometimes leave out important lessons, resulting in “knowledge gaps” and financial budgeting issues when their kids become adults.

Genprosper programs work on the principle that, like most other activities, in order to truly master something you have to Learn, Practice & Do that activity.  The program empowers children to be responsible for their own happiness by prioritizing their budgeting activities on those items or experiences that truly make them happy.  But what really attracted me to nominate GenProsper today is their progressive pay-it-forward policy.  For every subscription sold, one gets donated, so that families that may not have the means to pay for the program can still leverage it to impact their family’s future.  The GenProsper Movement shows that the founders truly believe in their mission.

So as we roll toward the New Year, and look to pay-it-forward, think about supporting GenProsper and their efforts to enhance kids’ financial literacy. In turn, they will make sure to help pay that financial literacy forward to those with limited resources.  And that is what paying it forward is all about.