#PAYITFORWARD: Parfait Studio, Even Better Than Dessert!

This guest blog is  written by Laurie Chin-Sayres, of Labragirl Film Project,  for our our 30 day Pay-It-Forward Initiative. We’re featuring small businesses and non-profits nominated by our community throughout the month of December. Want to make a nomination? It’s not too late!

Is it a french bakery? A catering company? An all-you-can-eat dessert buffet? Nope, it’s even better! Parfait Studio is a creative boutique helmed by graphic designer and wordsmith, Robin Ridley. Having recently worked with Robin, I’m honored to nominate her small business for the #Payitforward campaign.

So, what’s with the name? As Robin explains, “Life is all about layers. What may seem simple on the surface is often filled with delicious complexity. Good communication stems from the same concept, so a parfait ‘perfectly’ represents the multi-layered solutions I create for my clients.” And it’s true: whether Parfait Studio develops logos and taglines, designs book covers, or writes marketing copy, the end product is always meaningful…and never boring.

As a writer and a designer, Robin has a magical way of combining words and images. She helped my company, The Labragirl Film Project, reach a specific audience by crafting a message that was both thoughtful and powerful. Additionally, Parfait Studio specializes in partnering with vegan and animal-friendly folks in order to support their compassionate worldview. As a vegan myself, I love that!

Robin is a businesswoman who operates with integrity and heart, and I look forward to working with her on a host of projects in 2015. Please spread the word about her services by following Parfait Studio on Facebook, and by sharing this post with any like-minded friends or colleagues who may be in need of an image overhaul. They’ll be glad they got the “multi-layered” treatment!