#PAYITFORWARD: Weviva Makes Health & Fitness Classes Accessible to All

This guest blog is  written by Carolyn Haney, of WeViva,  for our our 30 day Pay-It-Forward Initiative. We’re featuring small businesses and non-profits nominated by our community throughout the month of December. Learn more about the initiative!

Adopting a health practice, like beginning a new workout regimen or changing your diet, can be intimidating. At WeViva, we often hear that people become overwhelmed when they try to go to a gym, or that they don’t have enough support to swap burgers for salads, or that they can’t afford to workout weekly. When we hear that, we pass people a schedule of our 30 weekly classes, at 18 different locations in low income communities all around the Greater Austin area. And, we always tell our participants that every single class is free. Yes, completely free.

“I enjoy every class – teachers are friendly and strongly motivating.” This was told to me less than a week ago as I was helping one of our Zumba instructors wrap up class, and in truth, I hear this all the time. Although there is a strong commitment in this country to providing health and wellness programs to kids, no one has yet to provide these same, fun, culturally appropriate classes to adults. That is where WeViva comes in: Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible fitness and nutrition programs to people in low-income communities. We target adults in the communities (mainly mothers of Latina origin), and stage all our free classes on-site.  At WeViva we always provide a welcoming, and safe environment where adults can come workout and enjoy their time while getting fit.

Since WeViva started in 2011, we have grown exponentially. We have gone from offering classes at one location to fourteen, from 18 participants to reaching over 3,000, and we are continuously growing. Every single week we get a minimum of five requests from around Austin asking for our services. WeViva would love to fulfill all of these requests, and to do so, we need your support. This year, give the gift of health, (the gift that keeps on giving forever), to someone who cannot afford it or who does not have access to it.  Thank you!