Repurposing Content & Re-Paying It Forward

The recent incline in temperature ubiquitously makes everything a little warmer and brighter, and in turn, prompted us to do something about it. What better way to extend some sun rays than by paying it forward? Again. The Cultivation Center team has decided to re-release our winter 2014 Pay-It-Forward Initiative, featuring nominations of small businesses and nonprofit organizations doing impactful work. In doing so, we want to give ode to the idea of repurposing/reusing content as a great tool in both business and personal matters.

“Create less, promote more” – Salma Jafri

Parents — how often is that you give in to something your kid asks permission for, despite your initial decline? The persistent please, please, please?! could be what steered you to a fine, yes!…sound familiar? Being primed again and again of certain stimuli and ideas makes it more attractive, or subject for acceptance. I know I can recite Shane Co.’s tagline and 15-second script because of the occurrence with which I hear it on the radio during my evening commute. I bet you can recall more commercial jingles and slogans than you think! Familiar with Toyota’s tagline? How about humming Kit-Kat’s catchy tune? Gimme a break, right? That’s simply the mere-exposure effect doing it’s trick…cue the success and drive of the advertising industry! With content your business puts out, feel free to use that content again; chances are, a new set of eyes will see it, and your reach will continue to grow. Reusing your material can be purposeful and make you more attractive. Winning!

In addition to repetition, the repurposing of content can be vital. For me, repurposing is intriguing in the sense that something new and useful is produced from existing content, knowledge and opinions. I love watching Chopped (Food Network aficionado alert) where the competition comes down to repurposing ingredients with innovation and creativity at the biggest magnitude. Through expertise and unique perspective, a jicama, cow tongue, simple syrup, and canned refried beans can be whipped into a gourmet delicacy. This is also the root of why I am absolutely enamored and passionate with the digital media industry: the capacity to create is massive, and as a content creator, that gives into ample space to take ideas to the next level, fusing diverging sectors and adding personal flair. With the right creative juices flowing, the next big idea can take hold and ultimately, impact the world. Via repurposing, different demographics may be intrigued as well and voila, you have a whole new population that has your back. Repurposing content enables distinctive perspectives to shine through and presents a captivating way of looking at something.

“When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”

-Steve Jobs

So without further ado, Cultivation Center now re-releases the Pay-It-Forward Initiative blogs, all written by guests who nominated the featured organizations. From ice cream that mends the hunger gap, to a nonprofit summer camp supporting families affected by childhood cancer, we are delighted to spread the love again. Be on the lookout now and throughout the summer, as we will post them on ourFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Pay it forward with us by sharing the posts or supporting the nominated organizations!

For some additional information, here is a piece by Hootsuite presenting three strategies for repurposing content, and Hubspot enlightens us on why repurposing content matters.