Share Our Love for Books: A Little Free Library Book Drive

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re celebrating in our true nerd fashion by reinvigorating our love for books. It was this time last year that we launched our Little Free Library in the hallway of our Impact Hub office. Cultivation Center’s Little Free Library provides books and magazines to anyone in our building or anyone who simply swings by for a meeting and now- We are getting low on books!   Before we “officially”ask you to donate the books gathering dust on your shelves or in storage boxes at your parents’ house we’ll gush a bit about the Little Free Library movement we’re proud to be a part of:

Little Free Library (LFL) was started in 2009 when Todd Bol decided to pay tribute to his mother, a former teacher who loved to read. After building a little model of a schoolhouse, he filled it with books and posted it in his front yard with a “FREE BOOKS” sign splashed across. Friends and neighbors were enamored by this act of Bol’s, who continued to build more and more libraries. Attention and word of mouth of LFL spread, and through inspiring the right people and strong advocacy, Little Free Library officially became a Wisconsin nonprofit organization in 2012.

LFL’s mission to “promote literacy and the love of reading” and to “ build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom”, is strongly aligned with the values here at Cultivation Center. Great stories unite us through knowledge, resources, expression and empathy. As a bonus, LFL is a nice way to keep it real these days by turning  actual pages while pouring over a good story.

We are proud to be one of 15,000 (and growing!) registered Little Free Libraries. Our single bookshelf that first appeared last winter has grown to three full bookshelves outside our office. Our first sponsor, Emily Davis Consulting, helped us add magazines to our stacks.  Our LFL is a mash-up of business articles, Thai recipes, poetry, and more.  Now, to make our ask official, we invite you to bring us your books (and magazines!) and help re-stock our shelves!

Come say hello, take a book, and leave a book. See you soon!

Watch for yourself: