Why Cultivation Center?

Welcome to the Cultivation Center. We bring business sectors together to learn from one another while providing education and consulting to nonprofits, social enterprises, and small businesses. We cultivate the best in each to create purposeful organizations run by smart, successful entrepreneurs. We are new, but we’ve collectively been at this for a long time. We’re here in large part because we are absolutely convinced that, regardless of tax status, businesses—and people—are more alike than different.

We know that every business is built from a vision. Many business owners start their entrepreneurial journey because they want something of their own. Or, as one of our clients said simply, “I’ve become unmanageable.” She wanted something to work for that was hers and made her feel like her hard work mattered. At the same time, nonprofit founders often find themselves with a similar feeling of being drawn to work that matters. They believe so deeply in a cause and in Margret Meed’s famous quote that they launch into running a business.

Yes, a nonprofit is a business.

More often than not, our clients put passion for their work before their cash flow statement or strategic plan. However, on the path to the organization’s vision are the twists and turns of running a business.

We can help. We’re fascinated by our clients’ work and want to help them have stronger businesses—deeply rooted in community—with substantial profit margins. We love the strategy of small businesses of all types. As we launch the Cultivation Center, we hope that you will ask us your business questions. We want to know what keeps you up at night and, more over, what that nagging question is that you that you can never seem to find the time to answer. This is where we come in. It’s where we thrive, and we want to come alongside you to help.

Our site launch also marks the launch of our training calendar. If there’s a training or crash course that you need, let us know. Would you be willing to share your story with us and let us interview you for 20 minutes? If so, sign up here.

We will also be launching Peer Learning Groups this Fall. Learning from your colleagues is arguably the best use of your professional development time and dollars. Learn what’s worked for them and where their challenges exist.  While no two businesses are the same, applying another person’s success to a similar situation at your company can help move you forward faster, while building a strong network of like-minded peers. If you’re interested in knowing more about peer groups let us know!

The other pillar of our work is our consulting services. Consulting happens in two ways at the Cultivation Center. We offer in-house consulting where we can help you move your nonprofit, for-profit or social enterprise forward. Whether you’re at the creation stage or years into your business, we can help you build your business plan, strategic plan, communications plan, leadership, or culture. At the same time, there are consultants whose work is different than ours and they can help you in additional ways and areas. How do you know what consultants are the best for your business? We are building our recommended consultants list, where we vet consultants who are the best in their fields. They not only know best practices, but as one of our Board members, Caryn Capriccioso says, they know “next best practices.” They are forward thinkers and they are smart. Let us be your general contractor and help you get the best consultants on your team. We can coordinate these efforts and look forward to working with you to learn more about what you need.

So join us! We want to build a center where small businesses of all types can ask questions, get answers, and meet their community. We are convinced that if we learn together, we will all grow together.